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24 Apr 2014 
Support Center » Knowledgebase » Payoneer Fees
 Payoneer Fees
Solution Here is a breakdown of the Fees Payoneer Charges its Card users


Card Being Sent via Air - This is free. Payoneer will send it to you free of charge if you select Air Mail. when you are registering you can select other options if you want to receive the card fast, but this would be at your expense.

Activation of the card - Upon receiving it you need to activate it on website their is a charge of $9.95 ( this is one time when card is ordered )

Using the Card

Every time you go to load money on to the card there is a fee of $2.00. You only pay this when you choose to load it on the card

ATM Withdrawls - Each time you withdraw funds from the card its $2.15 outside the US and $1.35 if your in the US. This is in addition to any fee your local ATM may charge. In many countries though banks offer ATMs with no withdrawl fees.

Decline ATM Withdrawl - If when you attempt to withdraw your request is declined there is a $0.90 charge

Account Maintenance Fee is $3 a month, this is charged at the end of a month. If you use your card at least five times in the month, that fee is reduced to $1. Important: you will not be charged more for maintenance than your cards balance, so if you have on your card only $0.80, this is how much will be charged.

Limits - $1,000 per transaction, $2,500 per day ( this is the total of ATM withdrawls and purchases )

Lost your card - If you lose your card they will ship you another one but there is a charge of $10.00'

Exchange Rate - Very important. You will receive the most recent Mastercard exchange rate, regardless of the currency you are using. Mastercard and Visa get the best exchange rates in the world.

How to minimize Fees
  • Use a No fee ATM Machine
  • Use your card at retail and online - No fees are on these and if you do 5 transactions in a month, your fees go from $3 to $1
  • Get your Card balance close to Zero to save on Mainenance - If you have no card balance at the end of the month you will not be charged mainenance
  • for that month. You will be charged the LESSER of the maintenance fee or your card balance
  • Withdraw Once a Month from Integritylance - Save up your earnings in Integritylance and only withdraw once a month, this will mean you are only charged $2.00 instead of $4.00 as its $2.00 each time you want to load the card.
  • Find a New Reliable ATM - Some atms, the older ones are prone to faliure, if they fail you are charged $0.90. So find the latest ones.
If you have more questions about Payoneer you can contact Payoneer Support for people in Russia they can send a email to to get russian language support.

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