15 Logo Design Tutorials with Illustrator

The process of creating a logo, is similar yet different for many depending on what type of application you use. Though its a good idea to use a vector based application to build your logo, that way you will have a much more versatile logo design that can be used in various situations online and in print.

Adobe Illustrator is a favourite among designers for creating the vector style logos.

Here are 15 tutorials from different designers online that take you through the process of creating a logo using Illustrator

1. Logo Design Project for mynitelife

2. Create a fly logo for webfly part 2

3. Silhouette logo for steak house restaurant

4. 3D Logo Tutorial

5. Web 2.0 Logo with Reflection

6. Crazy Cool Logos for Zagora

7. Roundtrip Logo from Illustrator to Photoshop

8. Design logotype from Conception to Completion

9. 3D Logo

10. Grungy Circle Logo

11. Glossy Vector 2.0 Logo in 5 steps

12. How to Create a Trendy Retro Logo

13. Enviroment Green Logos

14. Simple Vector Style

15. Logo flow in Illustrator

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Thu, Feb 26, 2009


Photoshop Image Manipulation Tutorials

Every designer needs a little bit of help at times, especially when it comes to Photoshop. Well here is a great site that provides 28 techniques and tutorials that I think will come in handy for manipulating images.


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Wed, Feb 25, 2009


10 Creative Sites

There are some fantastic websites on the net which people can gain inspiration from, especially for designers, bloggers etc.

Here are 10

1. Silicon Alley Insider

2. Hacker News

3. Znet

4. Wired

5. Gizmodo

6. Mashable

7. Favorite Website Awards

8. Design Float

9. CG Society

10 Wimp

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Tue, Feb 24, 2009


50 Retro Style Illustrations

PSD TUTS has a post on graphic design work. These are pieces of work by modern day designers. See more on PSD tuts

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Fri, Feb 20, 2009


40 Useful Web Designer Services and Tools

Noupe has just listed 40 different web designer tools that I think are extremely handy, so here is a list of 10 of them, you can view the rest on their site

1. Are My Sites Up – Free service will check 20 websites and provide notifications via email or sms to your phone, checks are 25 times a day

2. Screenshots – lets you take, find and share screenshots from the web

3. Dropio – lets you share files by web, email, phone, fax and more. All details are protected from the search engines

4. HTML IPSUM – very quick output for lorem ipsum

5. Pixastic – Very cool variety of filters, effects and operations you can do on images using javascript, great if your computer is not close by

6. Color Scheme Designer – Online application helps you create color schemes

7. Lovely Charts – online diagramming application helps you create diagrams, flowcharts, sitemaps and such.

8. htm to pdf – Is an online service that takes webpages and turns them into pdf documents

9 .Klock  lets you track anything with a timer and display, so you can see how your day fills up

10.  Web Snapshot, takes snapshots of any web page, enter url, press snap, or drag and drop.

Find more at Noupe

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Thu, Feb 19, 2009


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