5 Beautiful Contact Forms

A lot of the times when we use contact forms on our sites, we may settle for a very regular looking contact form. Here are 5 that are great looking that you might want to consider getting ideas from

1. addnoise.nl

2. alexcohaniuc.com

3. authenticstyle.co.uk

4. baritchi.eu

5. bertimmermans.com

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Fri, Aug 28, 2009


5 Example of Beauitful Website Navigation Menus

There are some really great websites on the net and the navigation menus on them are large and some are smaller. I like the ones that are bold and grab peoples attention.

Freelancing at times you will need to be able to come up with ideas for styles so here is some good ones

1. Pixel Resort

2. Tap Tap Tap

3. Tutorial9

4. CheckoutApp.com

5. Clearleft

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Fri, Aug 28, 2009


Using White in Web Design – Tips

We’re always looking for some great tips and tricks to pass on to our freelance designers. Recently there was a post over at desizntech that I thought was excellent. It dealt with the use of white color in web design, from blogs to online portfolios and e-commerce. They listed a variety of websites that are worth checking out such as


Pasali Design Studio

CSS Globe

Jason Reynolds

There are many more you can check them out over at designtech

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Wed, Apr 22, 2009


10 of 50 Photoshop Tutorials

Here is one for all you photoshop lovers out there. Tutsplus has posted a huge list of 50 different photoshop tutorials for beginners. Now im not going to list them all, you can view all of them on their website. But I will pass along our 10 favourite Photoshop Tutorials

1.  6 Quick and Dirty Text Effects from Scratch

2. Miodern Art

3. Lighting Effects

4. Silhouettes and Gradients

5. Pencil it

6. Vintage it

7. How to make eyes pop

8. Watercolor Effect

9. How to Create a T-shirt from scratch

10. Wood Inlay text

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Tue, Mar 17, 2009


10 of 40 Adobe Illustrator 3d Tutorials

Six Revisions had a great post today about 40 Useful Adobe Illustrator 3d Tutorials. I thought some of you freelancers would enjoy this, so im passing it along.

Im listing my top 10 favourite here, view the other 30 on Six Revisions

1. 3D Vector Calendar icon

2. Colorful 3d Text Explosion

3. Using Swift for 3d illustration

4. 3d Cool Logo

5. 3D Graphs

6. Create a 3d Push Pin and paper note

7. How to Map Artwork onto 3d objects with illustrator

8. Create a Business Report Cover

9. Create 3d Charts in adobe

10. 3D Effects in Illustrator

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Mon, Mar 16, 2009


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